Mucking out!

Throughout the winter the cows are bought into the barns and they remain here until spring when the ground has dried up again. When you have a lot of cows inside, you guessed it, there is a lot of muck! Mucking out the sheds takes place every couple of months or as and when it’s needed.

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Wellies of choice

Everyone knows the foot wear of choice for a farmer is the classic green welly! That being said there are so many makes, versions and colours available now a days.

During the summer we both wear boots but for the most part of the year in Britain we wear wellies so I thought I would share our preference.

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Morning Rounds

Every morning I ask my other¬†half –¬†what are you doing today?

When we first got together he would say ‘Going to check the animals’ and I thought it was just a cop-out so he could just drive round the fields and not really do a lot. It’s only know I have learned more that I understand how important a job this is.

If you can drive round all the animals and be home for a cup of tea without having to do anything more, it has been a good morning.

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