Straw Scavenge

Ever wondered how to keep a dog entertained for free? Just get a stack of straw bales! We have a stack of straw bales in the yard and if ever I loose the dogs this is where they can be found. I'm not sure if its the lure of the farm cats (we have several wild... Continue Reading →

Dig, Dig, Dig

Freddie and Mavis (our two cocker spaniels) love to dig! If anybody else out there has a cocker spaniel, I think they would agree it is their favourite past time. When they are not chasing a cat round the yard or sniffing out food you can guarantee that my two spaniels will be digging! They... Continue Reading →

Meet the Woofers!

Meet our three woofers! Freddie (on the left) is a liver and white pedigree cocker spaniel. She is 3 years old and the ultimate pampered pooch. She loves nothing more than a good puddle, chasing a rabbit or squirrel and digging out the mole hills - although she has never successfully found any moles. When she isn't... Continue Reading →

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