The best baby present- casting kit

When Henry was born my aunty bought me a hand and foot casting kit. It was one of the best presents I received as it meant I could capture a memory of his tiny hands and feet in the comfort of our own home. Those first couple of weeks where a time when leaving the house just seemed impossible so it was a fabulous activity to keep my mind working- between sleep deprivation and pure house chaos.

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Out n About- Nipper

As a first-time mum I found the most overwhelming thing to buy was a pram. I visited Mammas and Pappas, Kiddi Care and Mothercare looking at different makes and models. After several trips, pushing prams up and down, folding them, testing the brakes and hearing the various opinions of many sales people across the stores I have purchased two- The Silver Cross Wave and the Out n About Nipper.

Here I will focus on the Out n About Nipper.

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