Bee Lane

Over the back field of the farm is where you will find Uncle Tom and his Bee’s- or Bee lane as I like to call it.

He has about 15 bee hives in total of all shapes and sizes and I love the way they look. There is something so majestic about the higgelty piggelty nature of the bee hives- it reminds me of my favourite childrens book- Winnie the Pooh. I can just imagine Pooh bear trying to steal the honey from them.

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Out to play!

After some time in the nursery the ewes and lambs are ready to go out in the field.

It a simple last-minute check to ensure the lambs are fit and healthy and then full speed ahead out to the field. To turn the ewes and lambs out is a bit of a fun game- if you are watching that is!

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Time for Nursery!

Once the lambs have been in their pens for a couple of days they are ready to go to nursery. The lamb nursery is the next stage for the new lambs and moms and is very important to ensure their survival out in the field.

We will go through all the pens that may be ready and check over the lambs to identify who is ready. Any lambs that may be a bit weak or need a bit longer are left and all of the strong lambs must then be prepared.

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The best bit of lambing is when a brand new lamb is born and you see the amazing birth. Just like one born every minute, there literally can be lambs being born every minute- day and night!

When you seen the signs of lambing the ewe will normally do everything she needs to in order to give birth on her own.  If you leave her to it she will push out the lamb or lambs on her own.

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The Ewes are in!

You know lambing has started from the moment you get the first lot of ewes in.

The ewes are bought in at different times dependent on when the tup was put in with them. This allows us to ensure we have the ewes expected to give birth inside first and they will have had their lambs and been turned back out into the field by the time the next flock are due.

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The Boys are back in town!

I get asked lots of questions about lambing, lambing is nearly finished for us but thought I would share a series of blogs as a beginners guide- starting with the boys!

Like all life, lambing is down to the work of the boys.

The boys- also known as Rams or Tups- are let out into the fields of ewes in October. We put three tups to every 100 ewes and they are left to do their job.

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