Morning Rounds

Every morning I ask my other half – what are you doing today?

When we first got together he would say ‘Going to check the animals’ and I thought it was just a cop-out so he could just drive round the fields and not really do a lot. It’s only know I have learned more that I understand how important a job this is.

If you can drive round all the animals and be home for a cup of tea without having to do anything more, it has been a good morning.

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Sheep Escape!

If we ever decide to have a lie in or a nice relaxing day, you can guarantee that is the day the sheep escape!

The majority of sheep spend all day in the field grazing and minding their own business.  Every group has that one rebel sheep though, normally one key ring leader with three or four key followers who work on their own.  They spend every minute from the moment you put them in a field to the moment you move them to the next trying to figure out how to escape!

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Cow Release

Well the cows have been in all winter and the time has come to release them! The weather was particularly bad this year and combined with the date of our TB test it meant the cows were kept in a bit longer than normal.

In the winter we bring all of our cows inside. The wet weather and cold is the driver behind why we do this- mainly because there is a lack of fresh green grass for us to rotate them round, and thereby no food for them, secondly the cows will churn up a wet muddy field in a matter of days making massive ruts and ruining the ground.

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The Guinea

I like animals large and small and here at the farm as well as cows and sheep I also have a pet guinea pig called Pip.

Pip is a long haired guinea pig who is about 3 years old now. I did have a second guinea pig called Squeak but unfortunately he passed away about 6 months ago. Guinea pigs are better in pairs as they prefer company but Pip is too old to introduce a new guinea pig.

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Dig, Dig, Dig

Freddie and Mavis (our two cocker spaniels) love to dig!

If anybody else out there has a cocker spaniel, I think they would agree it is their favourite past time. When they are not chasing a cat round the yard or sniffing out food you can guarantee that my two spaniels will be digging!

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