Straw Scavenge

Ever wondered how to keep a dog entertained for free? Just get a stack of straw bales! We have a stack of straw bales in the yard and if ever I loose the dogs this is where they can be found. I'm not sure if its the lure of the farm cats (we have several wild... Continue Reading →

The Guinea

I like animals large and small and here at the farm as well as cows and sheep I also have a pet guinea pig called Pip. Pip is a long haired guinea pig who is about 3 years old now. I did have a second guinea pig called Squeak but unfortunately he passed away about... Continue Reading →

Nobody likes maggots!!

When it gets to the end of May / the start of June and lambing is all wrapped up the next thing on our agenda is shearing.  My partner runs a shearing business in the local area and can spend around 4 weeks solidly shearing flocks of sheep. So why are sheep sheared?  When it... Continue Reading →

Dig, Dig, Dig

Freddie and Mavis (our two cocker spaniels) love to dig! If anybody else out there has a cocker spaniel, I think they would agree it is their favourite past time. When they are not chasing a cat round the yard or sniffing out food you can guarantee that my two spaniels will be digging! They... Continue Reading →

Bee Lane

Over the back field of the farm is where you will find Uncle Tom and his Bee's- or Bee lane as I like to call it. He has about 15 bee hives in total of all shapes and sizes and I love the way they look. There is something so majestic about the higgelty piggelty... Continue Reading →

Ducklings on their way…

The brood expansion is under way, Daisy has been sitting on 6 eggs for three weeks now so I am eagerly awaiting to see how many successfully hatch out. For ducks to breed you obviously need a Drake and a Duck. In the spring time as the drake starts to do his thing the duck will... Continue Reading →

Out to play!

After some time in the nursery the ewes and lambs are ready to go out in the field. It a simple last-minute check to ensure the lambs are fit and healthy and then full speed ahead out to the field. To turn the ewes and lambs out is a bit of a fun game- if... Continue Reading →

The Orphans

During lambing we often get some orphan lambs that are separated into a pen. They are known as cade lambs- it simply means orphan or bottle fed lambs. Cade lambs can come about for several reasons: It could be a lamb where the ewe is not producing any milk The ewe could have died and... Continue Reading →

Time for Nursery!

Once the lambs have been in their pens for a couple of days they are ready to go to nursery. The lamb nursery is the next stage for the new lambs and moms and is very important to ensure their survival out in the field. We will go through all the pens that may be... Continue Reading →

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