Barometer Restoration!

A bit of a random project I hear you say! Well, yes it was random. Here I am in isolation lockdown looking for things to do and with all those thunderstorms I headed up the loft!

When my nan and grandad recently moved house they got rid of lots of things but some just reminded me of their house and so I kept them with the ambition to put up in my house one day.

Since then we have moved house, put them up the loft and they have sat there ever since. Well with lockdown spurring me on I decided it was time to find them a place in my home or let them go. One item in particular was this old Barometer.

Made in dark wood, chipped, and really rather dirty it didn’t exactly look like something I would want to hang up but I decided I would try to restore it.

After bit of research I realised it wasn’t easy to get hold of any new wooden beading that would match the existing. I had a look at some painted barometers but I felt they had lost the charm of being an old item. With that in mind I set to work to make it look the best I could.

I started with the beading- I removed the lower pieces of beading and sanded that area so it wouldn’t show that any was there at all. I then used the pieces I had removed and some wood glue to tidy up the other bits that where badly damaged and missing.

To adjust the colour, I decided sanding it down was probably a bit harsh and as it had lots of hard to reach places I opted for bleach! I removed the glass from the clock face and gave that a good clean to begin with. Then using a scourer and some normal bleach I just rubbed down the whole barometer. I could instantly see the dirt and dark colour lifting as I scrubbed. You can see below what a difference it made.

I was happy with that all of the dark colouring had gone so my next step was to varnish it. I wanted to keep a bit of that colour and charm, with all the colour stripped it looked a bit odd. I used a medium oak varnish from Wilkinsons- nothing fancy, I just had it left over from another project.


I left that to dry and this was the result. A much lighter, cleaner, and smarter barometer! I am so pleased that just a couple of hours of effort have made it into something I want to put up in my home.

And here it is… my grandads’ barometer proudly hanging in my kitchen! I am grateful that lockdown gave me the nudge I needed to do something with it, and the time to spend on it! May it have many more years guiding us on the weather.


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