Lamb Nursery

The lambs go through several stages before being turned out into the field. The lamb nursery is the final stage that allows us to make sure they have the best chance of survival.

After birth we put all our ewes and lambs in individual pens to get acquainted. Once they have had a couple of days together we move them into larger communal nurseries.

The nursery can have anything up to 15 ewes with their lambs at any one time. As the weather has been particularly bad we actually currently have 3 nursery pens. The nursery pen gives the lambs the chance to mingle with other lambs and ewes but most importantly learn how to find their mom.

Out in the field its important the lamb is able to call to its mother, find its mom and get some milk. With the fields being big open wide spaces and lots of other lambs and ewes to navigate it can be a big step to go from a single pen straight out into the field.

Once they have been in the nursery for a couple of days, they are looking strong and the weather is good we turn them all out into the field. To give you a better view please see my video below that talks you through one of our three current nurseries.

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