Tractor time- DIY

Having two under two means we need to keep busy- just because it’s raining doesn’t mean we can’t bring the farm indoors.

I recently had two new car seats delivered- the kind that swivel when you put the kids in as I was finding it hard to lift Henry in and out now he is getting bigger.  It was hammering it down with rain outside and with two large cardboard boxes I decided we could get our craft on and build an indoor tractor!

The first step was to make it into some sort of tractor shape- I just used the one box as It was for the bonnet and then cut a front window, two side windows and cut up the seam on the back of the box to create a door. You could have put a door on the side but it was a bit flimsy after I had cut the window out so I decided against it.

Next it was time to paint- I put a big tarp down on the kitchen floor, got the little man suited up and we just had fun painting away!


We painted the main body of the tractor in green, then we painted the spare card I had cut out of the windows in black. I decided I could use this for the wheels.

I think it took longer to clean up the paint from my kitchen than to actually paint the tractor but once done we let it dry. Whilst is was drying we did some finishing touches, I cut out two yellow circle for lights, rolled up a black piece if paper for the pipe and cut out some strips for the grid on the front.

Although I did all the cutting when it was dry we got the glue out and I left the tarp down so Henry could do all the gluing and sticking.

That was it- I cleared up the kitchen and put a small ikea chair in the back as a seat. He played for hours, it probably lasted about 3 days before it was looking very sorry for itself. It filled a whole afternoon with lots of fun and ended up with something at the end that he could enjoy for hours more!



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