Guinea keets on the loose!

My guinea fowl keets are a good couple of months old now and having been getting use to their outside coop, the time has come to release them- and hope they return!

Having been in their outdoor coop for two weeks I decided it was time to begin letting the guinea fowl keets loose. The best way to deal with guinea fowl is to take small steps. Initially just release one keet for a couple of hours, hopefully it will have a little explore of the area but keep going back to the coop to check the other keets are there.

If your keet is doing this it’s a great start and you can progress. For four days I just let the one keet out for about four hours at a time when I was around to keep an eye on him. The last thing you want is him to get attacked or decide to go and roost elsewhere.



Once I was happy he wasn’t going anywhere without his mates I let the same keet out for five days- making sure I put him back in at night. You should find that the keet grows in confidence and gradually moves a bit further away to explore the surrounding area but continuously returns to the coop.

When you are happy they explore and return you can go ahead and let the rest of the keets out. The principle being that your one keet has learnt the surrounding area and will have the confidence to lead the others but they should know to return for security and food.

That’s it- all the guinea fowl are loose and it’s just a case of hoping they don’t bugger off! My only advice would be to take your time, guinea fowl are notorious for being hard to tame so just don’t rush it and fingers crossed it works!




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