Kids art display!

I have two under two- which means I have 7,568 pieces of artwork that turn up daily.  Where does it all go- on the fridge- and then every time you open the fridge door it all ends up on the floor! So I have taken action!

I can’t deal with mess and felt organisation was needed. Although I don’t keep every piece of artwork (the loft would be overflowing and they haven’t even reached school!) I do like to display it.

The problem with having it all on the fridge is it tends to build up, the magnets are then not strong enough and it all falls on the floor. Plus you can never see the piece of art that’s on the bottom.

After much research I came across a couple of nice displays, some made from ikea hacks and some that you could buy. The only problem was they all costed at least £60, which OK, it’s not extortionate but I decided I could make one cheaper and just as good.

With my end goal in mind I found an old plank of wood. I cut it to size for the kitchen wall, sanded it down and then used a light oak varnish that we already had to give it a coat of varnish.  I then used a pencil to draw on the wording. I had seen several with children’s names but decided to go for ‘look what we made’ so it can be used to display both of my boys artwork. Once I was happy with the text (I’m no calligraphy writer) I used a white chalk pen to trace over it.

When the writing had dried I got some twine and measured a length slightly longer than my board. I attached one end to the back of the plank on one side, pulled it tight and attached the other end. To make sure it could hold the weight of the artwork I used super glue backed up by wood glue. I left it to dry overnight and just added some small wooden pegs once finished.

Drill a hole at either end and then it is ready to screw into the wall or wherever you plan on having the display. We have a kitchen wall above a door to the utility that is just empty space so I decided that is where mine would go.

That’s it! It cost me a grand total of £1.99 for the wooden pegs as I had all the materials for everything else! It’s not perfect but it works a treat and I am really pleased with the result.






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