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For my wedding I bought a pair of Manolo Blahnik white hangisi heels! I had always wanted some but never had the right time to justify the purchase. Marrying a farmer and knowing a lot of my future life would be spent in wellies I decided that my wedding day was the day!

I bought the white silk version with a mid-heel as I felt the higher version would cripple my feet after the whole day! As sad as it sounds I was in awe of them, I loved them so much and they definitely made me feel like a princess when I was walking down the aisle.


The issue I had was the colour- for my wedding I wanted them to be white but once that day had passed I was left with an extremely special and expensive pair of shoes that I couldn’t wear. Not only because I wouldn’t wear white shoes with any outfit but we got married in a field. Thats correct- I wore white Manolo Blanhniks in a farmers field (and it had rained). So I was left with a pair of dirty stained shoes.

I decided they needed to be died. If we are going out I always chuck black heels on so if I could make my wedding shoes black what better way than to use them all the time. I started by looking at home dyes- nightmare, no clue where to begin or how I would approach it so I decided to look for a company to do it for me. After much searching I had found a couple of different companies but I didn’t trust any of them. More than anything the shoes have real sentimental value to me. All the companies had poorly made websites, Facebook pages with posts three years old and I didn’t feel comfortable shipping them off to somewhere I wasn’t confident in.

It had been over a year with my shoes just sitting in the loft and an advert came up for the Shoe Spa London. They are a small company in London that restore shoes, bags and any designer item by either cleaning, repairing or dying them.  They had a nice user friendly website, great reviews online and on Facebook so I messaged them with my request. They responded the next day and I plucked up the courage to post my shoes to them.

Well I didn’t regret it, they informed me they had received them and then kept me informed throughout the process. They cleaned my shoes to begin with and then dyed them black as requested before posting them back. Everything was done recorded delivery and responses to queries where so quick that it filled me with confidence.

This is the finished product, wedding shoes you would never know where white!

I am so pleased that I can now enjoy these shoes for years to come and they still maintain the sentimental value from that day. I hope to inspire others to do the same, don’t spend money on items for your wedding day that you will never use again, make the most of the day and make the most afterwards too!

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(Don’t get me wrong I did wear wellies too!)


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