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Recently we discovered a little local business called Wet Wednesdays. They are a family run business that specialise in wet weather clothing and accessories for kids to encourage and support adventure through play no matter the weather!

Wet Wednesdays sell coats, dungarees and all-in-one suits in both a fleece lined and unlined version. Alongside this they have wellies and various other accessories.

We have purchased dungarees, two coats- one fleece lined, one unlined, all-in-one suits- again a lined and unlined version, and finally some of there ultra light wellies, known as bubble boots.

Due to the time of year the all-in-one fleece lined suit and wellies have by far had the most use since purchase so I am going to start by looking at these.

I purchased the fleece lined red all-in-one suit for £35.99. They have a variety of colours, all in the striped pattern, that come in a variety of ages.

It has a waterproof outer layer with a blue fleece inside and is packed with great features. To start with the hood has a great peak on it, for the little ones this has been great at helping to keep the rain out of his face and helps the hood to actually stay up! The hood is also detachable by 5 simple poppers, I have loved this feature as there is nothing worse than having a hood flapping about all crumpled at your neck when you don’t need it.

The arms have a velcro strap at the end which allows you to tighten the cuffs at the wrist and keep out the cold. The feet and middle has a elasticated strip that means it fits nice and snug.  As you can see in the picture it has reflective stripes across each leg and arm which are a nice finishing touch.

The final feature is an elastic band on the bottom of each leg. This is made for a thick black rubber and simply buttons inside the bottom of each leg, it has two different sizings so you can move it as the child gets bigger. My worst nightmare was every time we would go through some mud and he decided he wanted picking up his wellies would fall of his feet! being detachable it means I can leave these bands on when we have loose wellies and take them off when not required.

The only down side to this outfit is the zip- although it comes right down the centre which is great, I have another of there all-in-one suits that is not fleece lined and the zip comes all the way to the bottom of the one leg.  With a toddler I find this to be easier when getting him in and out of the suit, especially when covered in mud!


That being said- that is my only feedback for improvement- the suit is nice and toasty, waterproof and packed with features. ultimately he can play in as much mud and muck as he likes and I have no worries about the state of him underneath- FABULOUS!


Next onto the wellies- or bubble boots as they call them!

The bubble boots cost £25 and again come in a variety of colours and sizes.

They have a fleece liner with a nice reflective patch on the back but the reason I would recommend these boots is due to weight. Being on a farm I was desperate for him to get into wellies as soon as possible so he could troll around in all the mud and muck with no worries. They don’t tend to make wellies in very small sizes and when I eventually started to get wellies that fitted him he struggled to actually walk. The weight of the wellies meant he often ended falling over face first and it all ended in tears.

They weigh a grand total of 168g!!! The only way I can describe them is like a croc- they are a very similar material to that of croc shoes and this is what makes them so lightweight. They have a good level of grip on the bottom and so far I have found they stand up well against stones and rocks that lie around the yard.

If you were to purchase only one thing from this company- this would be my recommendation. I have never seen anything like them and the instant ability for my toddler to enjoy the muddy puddles makes them an essential.IMG_2508



I want to just shine a light on a couple of other items I have purchased from them.

We also have a couple of coats- one blue unlined and one red lined. They have some of the lovely features that the all in one suit has- the reflective stripe on the sleeve, a removable hood and adjustable cuff sizing.

Finally we have some of the dungarees. These are not lined but a very strong thick material. Again they have a nice reflective band on each leg with a elasticated bottom to stretch over wellies. The dungaree straps have an easy plastic clip in toggle that makes them very easy to use and they are adjustable in-size so you can just let out more elastic as your child grows. I found these most useful in the summer months, when it was wet but warm and he needed protection from the mud but a full suit or coat would just be too much.

After purchasing some of their clothing, my eldest son Henry, has become a brand rep.

If you head to their website: Wet Wednesdays Website, at checkout use code HT10 for 10% off- that applies to sale prices too! Enjoy!

Final thing to just mention is a nice touch with their packaging- the bags they deliver the clothes in (as well as being very pleasing to the eye) are degradable!




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