Busy growing a human!

It’s been a while since I last got the chance to blog- I have been back at work full time (it is a 3 hour round commute on top of working hours), getting to grips with a toddler at nursery, running the house as normal and lets not forget, I started growing another human!

Although I manage to post photos regularly on instagram I have really struggled to find time to blog. Having a full time job with a long commute and growing a second human meant I have been constantly exhausted. I would literally get in from work and go to bed!

The precious time I have had on weekends has been spent with my toddler to ensure he is adjusting to nursery and gets my attention when I can give it. But again, running around after a toddler when you are pregnant just makes you exhausted!

Anyway- human number 2 has been born and is now 8 weeks old. I am excited to be getting back into a routine and that means back into my blogging- so watch this space!

I hope to blog more recipes, reviews and really want to start getting some videos up. Two under two and being married to a farmer means I don’t have loads of spare time, lets be honest, but I look forward to sharing with you what I can, when I can!

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