Slow Cooker- Thai Green Curry

One of our favourite meals is Thai Green curry- it can be packed with veg, is warm and filling on a cold day and so easy to throw together.  I’ll be honest this is totally a cheats recipe, I’m not about to stand for hours mixing spices after a long day in the office and down the farm but it tastes just as good!

You can make this either fresh in the wok or as I prefer, just whack it all in the slow cooker and when you get back from work its good to eat!


  • Can of coconut milk- reduced or full fat
  • Chicken breast cut into cubes
  • Rice- I use basmati
  • Green Thai curry paste- we use Asda own
  • A mix of vegetables- I use frozen vegetables for this kind of recipe and this time I used green beans, spinach and peas



It’s so simple- add your can of coconut milk to your slow cooker. Then tip in your veg mix and chicken breast.


Next add in your rice- I usually put around 200g of rice in, if you put a lot more rice in you will need to either add some more water or coconut milk to prevent the dish from drying out. Then add a big spoonful of your curry paste- again it depends how spicy you like your Thai Green, we like ours with a good amount of heat.

Mix everything together.


Once done, just add the lid. To prevent ending up with a big mush of rice cooking this recipe in the slow cooker can be done in two ways:

  • You can use a timer to turn on the slow-cooker, if this is the case set it at a high heat to come on about two and a half hours before you are ready to eat
  • If you are just plugging it in I would set it on a low heat four hours before you are ready to eat
  • If you have no clue how long you’re going to be another way is to not add the rice into the slow cooker.  Put all the other ingredients in and leave them on low, they will just become more and more tender, and then cook and stir through the rice separately just before serving


Once cooked serve, we have ours with Naan bread.

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