All I want for xmas is GUINEAS!

It’s Sunday morning, the 23rd December, and my husband goes down to the farm, as he does every-morning, to feed the cows and go round the sheep. It’s a normal morning getting Henry up and having breakfast when the husband returns with a closed cardboard box!

‘Christmas has come early’ he says, clutching a purple cardboard box which has an awful row coming from the inside. By this point the dogs (both spaniels) are running in circles, tails wagging and barking like mad. With Henry in his pen and the dogs locked in their room I follow him down the garden to the duck area.


I am a massive fan on any type of poultry, waterfowl or game birds. I just love their character and how different each of the breeds can be. My husband knows this and was very excited about his gift- as you can tell by my reaction on the video- I was thrilled!


He had bought me two guinea fowl- one male, one female. At the farm they would probably be ideal but how the neighbours will feel about them is another question. We let them roam around and as you can tell by the video below they were not happy- the noise they are making is a warning noise to basically say something is wrong. This is the reason they make great guard dogs, if they see anything they don’t like they soon let you know about it, maybe not great for the neighbour though?

As they weren’t very happy we decided to leave them to have a look around and settle in. Guineas are notorious for flying- sure enough just as we sat down in the kitchen with a cup of tea and I saw a guinea go flying over the fence! Luckily we have lovely neighbours so after some hilarious ten minutes of ushering the guineas back – we now had two guineas sat on the greenhouse roof, two days before Christmas.


With two rogue guineas and only two days until Christmas we decided to usher them into the chicken coop to settle down while I sorted out some proper housing over the next couple of days.

Safe to say my husband had bought me one of the best Christmas presents, I was ecstatic, but it certainly came with a lot of work over the next few days!

Coming soon- information on housing, feeding, wind clipping and general guinea fowl care!

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