Straw Scavenge

Ever wondered how to keep a dog entertained for free? Just get a stack of straw bales! We have a stack of straw bales in the yard and if ever I loose the dogs this is where they can be found. I'm not sure if its the lure of the farm cats (we have several wild... Continue Reading →

The Guinea

I like animals large and small and here at the farm as well as cows and sheep I also have a pet guinea pig called Pip. Pip is a long haired guinea pig who is about 3 years old now. I did have a second guinea pig called Squeak but unfortunately he passed away about... Continue Reading →

Nobody likes maggots!!

When it gets to the end of May / the start of June and lambing is all wrapped up the next thing on our agenda is shearing.  My partner runs a shearing business in the local area and can spend around 4 weeks solidly shearing flocks of sheep. So why are sheep sheared?  When it... Continue Reading →

Banana Bread kind of day

On a rainy bank holiday Monday, after a rather wet morning of work you can't beat a cup of tea with a slice of warm banana bread and jam! Delish! Its super simple to make and takes just 5 ingredients! Ingredients: 225g self raising flour 225g mashed banana 100g butter 100g caster sugar 2 eggs... Continue Reading →

Dig, Dig, Dig

Freddie and Mavis (our two cocker spaniels) love to dig! If anybody else out there has a cocker spaniel, I think they would agree it is their favourite past time. When they are not chasing a cat round the yard or sniffing out food you can guarantee that my two spaniels will be digging! They... Continue Reading →

Bee Lane

Over the back field of the farm is where you will find Uncle Tom and his Bee's- or Bee lane as I like to call it. He has about 15 bee hives in total of all shapes and sizes and I love the way they look. There is something so majestic about the higgelty piggelty... Continue Reading →

Ducklings on their way…

The brood expansion is under way, Daisy has been sitting on 6 eggs for three weeks now so I am eagerly awaiting to see how many successfully hatch out. For ducks to breed you obviously need a Drake and a Duck. In the spring time as the drake starts to do his thing the duck will... Continue Reading →

Kelmarsh Show

Kelmarsh show is the first annual event of the season for my family- every year, come rain or shine, we all attend Kelmarsh on the Sunday- this year it happened to be Easter Sunday. All except Tom that is, unless it is an agricultural show with some form of tractor or livestock , he will do everything in... Continue Reading →

Out to play!

After some time in the nursery the ewes and lambs are ready to go out in the field. It a simple last-minute check to ensure the lambs are fit and healthy and then full speed ahead out to the field. To turn the ewes and lambs out is a bit of a fun game- if... Continue Reading →

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